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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic the Grey Ghosts of the CCC began building our 45th home on Saturday October 19, 2020. This home is also the first two story home built by North Metro Habitat for Habitat in our 28 year history.

The new design and architectural plans were given to Habitat from Marietta-based Caldwell Cline Architects and Designers. The home designs came out of a community project by the Cobb Chamber of CommerceLeadership Cobb Class of 2018.

The house will become a home for the Esmaili family. The single mother is a professional caregiver and she and her three children ages 16, 13 and five have been living in very poor conditions in an apartment.

In Ms. Esmaili’s words, this home will “bring hope and happiness and new beginnings to our life.” It is not safe for the children to play outside where they currently live.

It is often said that “it takes a village” and we’d like to thank ours for making this special home a reality for the Esmaili family.

We have to confront many challenges along the way. If you're wondering why there hasn't been a call for volunteers, for Covid-19 health and safety reasons, only the Grey Ghost, experienced crew and house leaders are being allowed to work on the build. Fortunately we have 2 experienced home builders to take us through process of building the 2 story home.

Next we discovered a spring bubbling away under the site. Cost increases and unexpected delays are always a factor in our builds. Please remember us in your parish donations. You may also donate directly through our page at

The photos below show the start up at at 8:00 AM Sharp Saturday October 17, 2020. On the top right the crew meets the Pros Noel and Daniel. Top left is the first nail being driven. On the bottom is laying out the first 2 walls. The middle photo shows the first wall going up in under an hour.

The video below is an under 1 minute time lapse view of the first day's work. They weren't quite that fast. However, all the guys were headed home by early afternoon.

The 2nd video below shows laying the subflooring, and framing the 2nd story.

And finally this video shows raising the roof trusses. Be sure to check back often to follow our progress. Also remember you may not be able help us this year swinging a hammer but can be with us in spirit with your donation at

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